Chamber of Commerce of   Dolenjska and Bela krajina


The Chamber was granted support by the most respected companies in the region. Its foundation was supported by 63 companies, majority of them are the largest. The easiest way to show strength of the new Chamber is by citing the following information. In 2006 founder members themselves have created almost 2 billion € of income (half of the entire region income). More importantly they have generated the profit of 160 million € or almost three quarters of all region’s profit respectively. Added value per employee within founder members is stated at 46,768 € which is higher by 29 % than added value per employee in the region. The region is extremely export oriented. We create more than 64 % of income on foreign markets (by comparison – entire Slovenia creates 28.9 % of all income on foreign markets). This data shows the greatest interest to become a member is found among the most successful companies. 



Legal and natural persons who engage in profitable business activities on the market and have joined the Chamber by submitting an application and proof of meeting the terms.


Supporting members

Other legal and natural persons can join the Chamber as supporting members who wish to contribute to the realization of goals and duties of the Chamber. Supporting members are accepted upon the decison of the Board of directors of the Chamber.


Honorary members

Members who are appointed by the Chamber's Assembly upon recommendation of the Board of directors for their special merit in the field of the Chamber's activities.