Chamber of Commerce of   Dolenjska and Bela krajina

Section for Human Resources Management

The fundamental purpose for founding of the section is to connect all who practise in the field of human resources management in the Dolenjska and Bela krajina region. Its agenda encompasses following the legislation, good practices, collaboration with other organizations and services, organized collaboration with schools, promotion of deficit professions, establishment of standards of practices etc.

Aims and purposes of activities

  • establishment of systematic approach to short-term and long-term measures for promotion of deficit vocational groups,
  • exchange and promotion of good practices,
  • bringing awareness and establishment of standards of conduct in the field of human recourses management,
  • organization of trainings and courses from the field of section's activities,
  • awarding recognition to enterprises for innovative approaches to the field of human resources management.


The mission of the section is to influence development of enterprising culture, following trends in the field of human resources management and propagation of good business ideas in the field of human resources management.

Code of Practice on Human Resource Management

Within the framework of its mission to stimulate and build exemplary human resources management the Section has prepared a Code of practise on Human Resource Management. The code is intended to promote and preserve the highest standards of practices and conduct of all members of the Section.